Putting Clients First

The Bellinson Group is a Tokyo-based investment manager who takes a long-term, value-oriented, multi-strategic approach to investing.

Who We Are

We maintain our independence, a framework that consistently prioritizes our clients’ interests.

The Bellinson Group is among the world’s leading independent, offshore investment advisers.

Based on our research, the asset allocation of a portfolio accounts for 70% of investment returns.

How We Help

Our key principles—invest for the long term, seek quality, optimize growth, and diversify risk—have helped generations of investors achieve financial stability.
Growing wealth is complex. Understanding your options is crucial to making smart financial decisions and achieving goals.
Having a well-thought-out retirement plan ranks among the most important steps to guarantee financial security.

Working with an investment advisor provides personalized financial guidance, expertise in navigating markets, tailored strategies, risk management, and peace of mind for investors.

Estate planning is crucial in wealth management for ensuring smooth asset distribution, minimizing tax burdens, protecting family legacies, and providing peace of mind for the future.

Incorporating philanthropy into wealth management fosters social responsibility, creates a positive legacy, strengthens communities, provides tax benefits, and offers a sense of fulfillment through giving back.

Grow Your Wealth

Many invest to accumulate wealth. Some investors aim to fund a comfortable retirement without diminishing assets. Others want to increase their investments beyond their lifetime to leave a legacy for heirs, charities, or other organizations.
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